About Fay

Fay Investment and Asset Management is an investment firm primarily focused on Real Estate and Hospitality investing. The Fay team offers a combination of core, value-add, opportunistic and special situations/turnaround investing expertise, asset management and extensive local market relationships in Europe and the US.

Our approach

The firm sources and deploys significant proprietary and institutional capital along with our network of investors to acquire primarily hotel and Real Estate assets and businesses as well as management platforms that offer significant expansion potential.

Our London and New York based teams include experienced investment professionals combining years of experience identifying, sourcing and structuring deals across major European and US jurisdictions.

Real Estate and Hospitality Asset and Investment Management

Fay Investment & Asset Management is focused on optimizing the returns from operating hotel businesses and other forms of commercial Real Estate. We unlock the true potential of an asset by assisting the unit operations team to challenge the status quo. By using market intelligence, analytical assessment and industry best practices, we offer a perspective of balancing business operations with the financial objectives of the owner/ investors.

In each established investment, our inputs are geared towards reducing an environment of ‘trust deficit’ and in making the owner and the operator acknowledge each other’s point of view. In new investments; we fill up the ‘knowledge deficit’ by detailed operational involvement.

All assignments commence with a detailed Asset Performance Review that allows us to diagnose the issues and recommend solutions. The client has the option of executing the identified strategy internally or with the help of Fay Investment & Asset Management Team through Full-scale Asset Management or Owner Representation Services.

Strategic Business Advisory

Fay offers a variety of services that enhance each stage of a business’s financial advisory life-cycle. Our solutions are aimed at guiding clients to achieve optimal economic returns. The team has been performing detailed Feasibility Studies, Asset & Portfolio Valuations, Market Entry Studies, Operator Searches and Management Contract Negotiations over the course of two decades.

Through our extensive industry data, network and experience, we maintain a thorough repository of market intelligence for the Real Estate and Hospitality industries. Our team of experienced industry professionals is thus equipped to offer economically sound counsel and direction that is aligned with the vision of our clients. Our reports and research articles, accepted by hotel companies, developers & financial institutions globally, remain a testament to our expertise and credibility.

Investment Advisory

Hotels are one of the most complicated form of real estate asset class. Transactions in hotel space need to weigh in the impact of several concurrent forces like real estate dynamics, hotel operating yields, emerging tourism trends and macro-economic factors to establish the true enterprise value of the subject hotel asset. Likewise, hotel development and acquisition financing need specialized solutions. Commercially viable projects can gain additionally by way of expert guidance.

Fay specializes in ‘buy-side’ and ‘sell-side’ activities for existing and proposed hotel assets; as well as financing arrangements for debt and equity capital for hotel real estate. We work with institutional investors, private buyers and lenders to jointly discover the ‘value-buys’.

Our objective is to understand the specific investment needs of our clients and then devise a uniquely crafted solution. Very often, this means creation of a deal which is best suited to meet the needs of the client.

Investment Focus

Fay manages a proprietary fund which is focused on investments in real estate, restaurants, boutique and independent hotels. Our firm constantly looks for proprietary and co-investment opportunity with the goal of creating long term value through targeted investments in the hospitality sector. We invest across the United States and Europe, generating superior risk-adjusted returns by focusing on disciplined acquisition criteria and implementing value-add investment strategies that capitalize on our deep experience in hotel operations and development.

We focus primarily on the acquisition of existing restaurants, full-service boutique and independent hotels that can benefit from enhanced branding and management, renovation and repositioning of hotels in need of capital, and adaptive reuse of buildings suitable for conversion to hotel use.

With most key disciplines residing in-house and with extensive industry knowledge, we act quickly and decisively, identifying under-performing properties and aggressively asset managing our hospitality assets to improve performance.

Asset Management

Brand and/or Management Selection & Negotiation

Selecting the right brand or operator is essential for maximizing your hotel’s value. Successful branding offers immense benefits, from global marketing coverage to improved in-house efficiencies. It is crucial that all agreements, whether leases, franchises, or management agreements, are at market levels. At Fay Investment and Asset Management, we leverage our industry knowledge and contacts to secure optimal agreements efficiently and effectively.

Internal Control / Accounting Analysis

Effective internal controls are critical for hotel operations. Fay Investment and Asset Management specializes in developing and implementing policies to protect assets, prevent fraud, and ensure financial integrity. We help achieve operational goals and maintain accurate financial records through robust control systems.

Operational Review & Analysis

We conduct thorough operational reviews to maximize revenue and minimize expenses. Our detailed process includes:

  • Confidential review of guest service delivery perception
  • Confidential review of brand compliance
  • Critical asset review and capital expenditure planning
  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing, sales, revenue, and distribution management study
  • Labor management review
  • Analysis of internal processes, policies, and procedures, and establishment of SOP guidelines
  • Operational cost analysis
  • Profit & Loss forecasting review
  • Credit management and cash-flow management review
  • Third-party management contribution analysis
  • Strategic recommendations and a written action plan

Investment Due Diligence

Our due diligence services involve thorough analysis of lodging investments, revealing critical details that inform investment decisions. Fay Investment and Asset Management ensures that you can confirm initial offers, renegotiate terms, or abandon transactions based on comprehensive findings.

Capital Budgeting

Capital budgeting involves planning expenditures on property and equipment and choosing which assets to purchase. This process is closely tied to the operational budget. Sophisticated owners plan capital budgets years in advance, but a single wrong decision can impact the enterprise’s longevity. Our team at Fay Investment and Asset Management ensures that your capital budgeting decisions yield long-term benefits that outweigh costs.

Food & Beverage / Restaurant Consulting

Our comprehensive consulting services include market feasibility analysis, operational reviews, revenue and cost control reviews, concept and menu design, management and franchise selection and negotiation, site selection, lease negotiation, facilities planning, and strategic recommendations. We aim to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your food and beverage operations.

Loan Restructuring

We handle various hotel workouts, including debt reorganization, forbearance, foreclosures, deed-in-lieu transfers, bankruptcy, and attracting new capital. Fay Investment and Asset Management focuses on maximizing property value and cash flow, ensuring sufficient liquidity for a beneficial restructuring process for both debtors and creditors.

Sales and Marketing Services

Our sales and marketing services aim to optimize sales channels and marketing efforts. Fay Investment and Asset Management helps with internet marketing, collaboration with business generators and franchise-sponsored marketing programs, effective marketing campaigns, sales incentive programs, professional sales administrative processes, trade show presence, sales reporting, press releases, and business segmentation optimization.

Staffing, Wages & Costs Benefit Analysis

We provide detailed reviews of labor management to evaluate staffing levels for all hotel departments. Fay Investment and Asset Management focuses on improving service levels, reducing turnover, and saving on recruitment costs. Our analyses cover recruiting, staffing levels, labor standards, scheduling, work processes, time and attendance tracking, and labor management reporting.

Strategic Planning & Investment Analysis

Our strategic planning and investment analysis services include:

  • Buy/sell/lease analyses
  • Financing/refinancing analyses
  • Renovation, rebranding, and repositioning analyses
  • Capital expenditure review
  • Value optimization
  • Benchmarking against relevant competitors
  • Title and ownership form analysis
  • Capital and corporate structure review
  • Business plan evaluation
  • Investment underwriting
  • Concept development and positioning analysis
  • Operational turnaround assessment and execution

At Fay Investment and Asset Management, our services are designed to enhance your hotel’s operational efficiency, financial performance, and overall value. We leverage our extensive industry expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.

“Identifying and managing iconic and high potential assets is what we pride ourselves on at Fay. Managing each asset with a high level of precision is at the forefront of growing relationships with our network of investors.”

— Sandeep Wadhwa, Founder